Save Our Sons

A campaign to help highlight male suicide in Ireland

Men in Ireland are committing suicide at 5 times the rate of women in Ireland today. Three hundred and eighty six confirmed male suicides took place in 2010 and the number has not decreased since. The 2011 figures saw a rise in male suicides, which accounted for 84% of all suicide deaths.

Men don't feel welcome in our society today, because their issues are treated as second class problems and they generally get no sympathy for these problems.

Our SOS campaign is going around the streets of Ireland attempting to raise awareness of the damaging nature of Irish society which has left men without a real identity, and hopefully helping people to recognise that many of these troubled voices aren't being heard.

We want to target crisis points in the lives of men, whether that be divorce, experiencing domestic violence and intimate partner violence against them, or other environmental factors involving high stress and low support. These are the times when men need help the most, and that help isn't there. Suicide counselling is a valid, proven and very valuable approach but a far better one is to remove those factors which cause suicidal tendencies in the first place, coupled with a robust outreach and activity programme centred on mens issues.

The Irish University Times called the number of male youth suicides an epidemic five months ago, the country continues to not care. It's time for that to change, we're going to make noise about it and we're not going to stop until people are listening. Read more and see some of our supporters here. Also please sign our petition here.

White Ribbon domestic violence campaignAmen

A support group for men suffering from domestic abuse in Ireland

Amen Support Services is a voluntary group which provides a confidential helpline, a support and information service for male victims of domestic abuse. Thousands of men and supportive members of their families have contacted the helpline since it was set up. If you're in a man suffering domestic or intimate partner violence please call Amen for advice on 046 9023 718, email them at and visit their website. Donations to Amen are a great help as well.

Man Suffers Horrific Burns in Domestic Violence Assault

Ken Gregory, 65, from Peterborough, was left with first and second degree burns to 14 percent of his body, after his now ex-wife Teresa Gilbertson, 60, threw a jug of scalding hot water over the back of his head.

Submission to Cosc

MHRI has prepared and submitted a document to Cosc for their consideration as part of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual, and Gender-based Violence.

Lies in the Family Courts

One man tells the story of his treatment by the divorce courts and how close he came to ending it all. Sadly his experience is far from unique.

Six out of seven suicides were men

In Galway over the course of one week, seven people committed sucide. Six of those were men.

Not All Domestic Violence is Physical

After the recent decision to allow reporters into the family courts, a clearer picture of the kinds of domestic violence men are suffering in Ireland today is beginning to emerge, something that many feel is intrinsically linked to high male suicide rates.

Man stabbed 15 times by his wife but "no one believed him"

The realities facing male victims of domestic violence in Ireland today.

The face of the man who died yards from Dail Eireann

One tragedy among many for Ireland's homeless, the overwhelming majority of whom are men.

Woman sentenced to jail over parental alienation

It shouldn't be unusual for a father to be able to see his children, but in today's Ireland it is. A woman was jailed in Limerick for denying the father of her children the court ordered right to visit them, looks like he gets to be more than just an ATM.

Nearly Half of Young Men Say They've Had 'Unwanted' Sex

New study says it's possible for women to rape men: 18% of surveyed guys say women used physical force to make them have sex against their will

Limbo Men - Ireland's disempowered dads

Limbo men is a collection of articles dedicated to the problem of fatherhood for the many men whose relationships with their children are under threat from the Irish legal and sociological system. The term 'Limbo men' describes fathers who are in 'limbo' trying to fight for access to their kids. These men describe themselves as being torn away from their lives, and continue to fight.

The crisis of masculinity and the feminization of victimisation as a pathway to addiction

This paper seeks to examine the issue of addiction within the context of male victims of domestic violence. At the outset, this work is based on the ideology of the 1996 First Report of the Ministerial Task Force on Measures to Reduce the Demand for Drugs or it’s more common title the Rabbitte Report. This report highlighted the issue that addiction can not be illustrated adequately in individual terms but should be judged in the context of wider structural factors, including educational disadvantage, poverty, and social exclusion (Butler 2007).

The Silent Crisis

One of the authors contacted the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit for information. To say the least, the reception she received left a lot to be desired; the garda who answered reacted with laughter, the author was then put on hold, before being eventually cut off.

MRHI Talks Reproductive Rights for Men

Once again back with the mighty Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM, we're talking with the public about mens reproductive rights.

MHRI on Classic Hits 4FM

We had a great chat with Niall Boylan there on Classic Hits 4FM about reproductive rights for men in Ireland today - if women can decide not to be mothers, surely men should be able to decide not to be fathers?

An Interview with an Irish Man

This is an interview with an Irish man who suffered domestic abuse, violence, and stabbings at the hands of his wife.

Nobody believed him.

Our Nations Sons

A moving and powerful video from the very talented Joe Caslin, well worth a watch.

10 Hours of Walking in Dublin City as a Woman

After the recent street harassment video by Hollaback, a group of researchers decided to conduct their own research on the streets of Dublin.

Mac Tire, by Stephen Murphy

A poem called Mac Tire by Stephen Murphy, well worth a listen.

A trio of great radio shows

Male suicide, domestic violence and reproductive rights for men, with special guest stars including Erin Pizzey!

Gender Studies in Ireland and Abroad

Check out the MHRI gender studies departments discussion here!

The Honey Badgers meet Mens Human Rights Ireland

Listen to Janet Bloomfield, Karen Straughan, Rachel Edwards, Kristal Garcia, Jessica Kenny, Anne O'Regan, Ruth Patterson and Hannah Wallen along with your genial hosts John Gormley and Paul Carr as we talk about the mens rights movement!

Mens Human Rights Ireland Discussion Panel

Harry, John, Anne, Dave, Paul and Frank have a chat about the issues affecting men and boys in Ireland.

You are not alone

Mens Human Rights Ireland is an organisation dedicated to the protection and improvement of the conditions under which men and boys live in Ireland. Many men feel isolated and without anyone to talk to, or have been abused and have discovered that there's no support for men in this country.

Whatever your situation, if you feel like you can't carry on or just need someone to listen for a while, drop us a line at and if we can't help directly we'll get you to someone who can. Our contact page can be found here.