A Petition for the Setup of a Taskforce to Prevent Male Suicide


We the undersigned, in recognition of the five to one suicide ratio of men to women in Ireland today do hereby call upon the Government of Ireland and its public representatives, officials, officers and citizens to set up a task force including but not limited to a high level cabinet sub-committee to urgently address this issue which has affected the lives of so many people, both men and women, in Ireland today.

This task force is to be composed of members of the judiciary, medical professions, education and mental health professions as well as experienced counsellors and relevant parties, and is to be centred on tackling male suicide specifically, working with existing agencies and with the potential for cross border co-operation.

This task force would also oversee the task of assembling and where need be conducting research to thoroughly examine those specific points in mens' lives where there is a heightened risk of suicide with little support for their problems.

This group should also produce an annual report on the progress attained in reducing the high number of male suicides, including tackling those underlying social problems which affect men uniquely.

The task force should further create and administer a network of support groups and individuals whose sole purpose is to counsel men at high risk pre-emptively, and to provide an aftercare service, both in terms of suicide prevention and treatment.

In recognition of the prevailing cultural conditions which contribute to the enormously skewed ratio, we would like to see both official acceptance of and recommendations to address these conditions.


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gary carlisle Dublin 15/03/16 shame,shame,shame. on all levels. something has to be done.
gary carlisle Dublin 15/03/16 shame,shame,shame.
Louis Kildare 15/03/03 Everyone should support this.
Brendan Limerick 15/02/04 Thank you for highlighting these issues which I am more than familiar with.
John Aster Antrim 15/02/04 You need to understand the cause. Children who are denied regular contact with one of their parents make up 63% of all youth suicides 70% of all juveniles in State Institutions 71% of all high school dropouts 75% of all children in drug abuse centers 85% of all children dianosed with behavioral problems 87% of all juvenile offenders and 90% of all homeless and runaway children They are 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 32 times more likly to run away 20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders 14 times more likely to commit rape 9 times more likely to end up in stated-operated institutions and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. and 85% of all child abuse victims are from single parents homes. The biggest issue is actually family court where 80% of all depression cases are male.
Jodie Outside Ireland 15/02/03 Great cause
Simon Andrews Antrim 15/02/03 I know so many boys and men who've killed themselves. I never knew why till I read that article in the Journal. Thank God there are people who are starting to raise awareness og the carnage that is happening all around us.
Alan Kelly Galway 15/02/01 A serious issue and am happy to support it.
John Stanley Dublin 15/01/30 I think this proposal would be very beneficial to society. It's a chance to help those who can be helped.
Brian Fenton Dublin 14/12/06 Suicide is a terrible thing, and predominately affects young men. We need more resources for our young men and boys!
Konrad Outside Ireland 14/11/14 I'm supporting petition for Taskforce to prevent male suicide.
peter Houston Dublin 14/10/25 I support this petition
eddie powell Cork 14/09/10 here is a self help book i wrote growing up throughout childhood with a disability and felt second class and fought against it till i felt i myself was giving myself a horrible time for what i was already going through and thats where men need to change and stop finding false nurthering women who only stay around while times are good......www.eddypowellarts.com
David Walsh Kildare 14/09/05 There is an enormous level of denial surrounding this issue and a related reluctance to confront it because it might challenge certain dominant narratives which our society tells itself and which have gripped all forms of media and many state agencies.
ANDY HINDS Dublin 14/08/30 This ever deepening crisis in our society needs urgently to be taken seriously and addressed.
Clair McCarthy Outside Ireland 14/08/19 Shocked to hear the statistics - we need to do something now.
Annette Kelly Dublin 14/08/16 Suicide is glamorous to youngsters, that's what you hear in the driving seat with chatting teenagers in the car.
Rosemary Loughlin Dublin 14/08/12 I think this is a great initiative
Dave Carr Dublin 14/08/12 The lives of these often young men don't seem to be of value.
aoibhinn gilroy Dublin 14/08/11 Suicide is becoming an epidemic in Ireland among men and we need to act now to address it.
Piotr Gorczynski Outside Ireland 14/08/06 how many boys and man needs to die before enough is enough? Males issues are human issues.
jenny sharp Outside Ireland 14/07/26 all life is precious
Peter Houston Dublin 14/07/07 I don't know anyone who doesn't know a man or a boy that has committed suicide.
mary murray Outside Ireland 14/07/04 We need to address the issue of the suicide of men many of whom have suffered sexual abuse.
Wojciech Jurczok Cork 14/07/04 I'm Polish and living in Ireland since 2005, I can see people in this country don't care too much about men but when women are being abused then it's in every newspaper.Same thing with single and unmarried fathers, why do they have to apply to courts for being a father? The are excluded from society since the very beginning of their fatherhood.Ireland needs to be more family friendly.More mediation, less courts.
Alex Todd Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Men are killing themselves in disproportionate numbers. It is outrageous that nothing is being done about it. It is time to set up a task force to look more closely at the problem and present solutions.
Eamonn Wallace Dublin 14/07/04 Everybody is human including boys and men
Kathleen Vivas Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Please set up a task force to meet the needs of the men & women who struggle with this
Jessie L. Ramsey Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Men's lives are way too precious to their suicides.
Mandy Trouten Outside Ireland 14/07/04
Sam Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Men's rights are human rights.
Tom Dobbie Outside Ireland 14/07/04 I've promoted how dreadful this is in my writings. My short book of art, poetry, philosophy, psychology ... 'Dreams of A Dream' is available for free download as pdf.
julie rolfe Outside Ireland 14/07/04 There should be more help out there for Men,Men have equal rights too.
Robert Stoll Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Let's figure out a way to curb this.
Liza Stirling Outside Ireland 14/07/04 This issue needs to be addressed!
Scott Clow Outside Ireland 14/07/04 Sadly a petition may be remain only a petition, and amount to nothing. Still, any chance whatsoever that we can help the men who are suffering is worth whatever effort is required. Spare a thought for our brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, and recognize; they are human, and their rights are human rights, their feelings are important, and whilst their pleas may be silent, we still need to take notice. Peace
Barbara Spain Dublin 14/07/04 Please establish this important network thank you
tracy bailie Down 14/06/30 do men get treated for depression or if they can only afford it
Keller Dublin 14/06/24 Good stuff getting this going, it's about time. I don't know how many times I've heard of someone I know dying from suicide.
David Burke Wexford 14/06/17 well done, pity it is not a priority with the government
Tina Clancy Limerick 14/06/17 This is urgently needed
Jon Knsella Cork 14/06/17 This initiative is essential to the State's survival. The damage done by such episodes of despair affect us all. We need to get serious about it. Research is a very good thing, as is initiating the involvement of our Institutions. Please, keep an eye on the burgeoning Men's Movement already spreading in Ireland - and all the grass-roots groups springing up as a people's response to this dire problem. Look into Men'as Sheds, Fir le Cheile, the ManKind Project, Males Ireland and the like. In their Men's Circles (some say "Men's Houses") you'll find that they are creating "front-line" encounter groups that reinforce emotional "literacy", clean expression of feelings, a circle of trust and acceptance, reinforcement of a sense of Purpose, and a community of peers (and a sense of belonging, integrity and accountability) that will both support and challenge any man to be his best self (access his core strengths). Let's get to work!
Adrian Kerry 14/06/17 A sad fact been help and support for men and our issues are a far cry from what is needed.
marian coughlan Cork 14/06/16 i an signing this petition as there are far to many both young and mature men doing away with themselves, men need help to talk there slow to admit they need support, give a thought for all men .
Alberto Infante Outside Ireland 14/06/16 Stop suicides!
michael donovan Kildare 14/06/14 Thanks for organising this. Suicide is a scourge on our society.
Tom Kerry 14/06/13 Men are treated as disposable by the society that they create and run everyday.
Evelyn Hogan Clare 14/06/12 This targeted service has been so badly needed for so many years, the statistics are horrifying, best of luck
David Fagan Dublin 14/06/10 In the rush to be PC, suicide statistics are often reported as if suicide affects men and women equally. It doesn't. It is time that suicide is tackled as an issue mainly affecting men.
Paul Kavanagh Cork 14/06/10 wake up to this epidemic!
Gary Walsh Waterford 14/06/10 I work in the area of suicide prevention , with a on-line group and we all need to do more.
Ares Christou Dublin 14/06/10 I support the establishment of a taskforce to prevent male suicide
Conor Hennessy Cork 14/06/10 It's surprising that such a task force has not already been set up, given the seriousness of the issue
Dave Moore Wicklow 14/06/10 I fully support the call for a taskforce to be established.
Hannah F Thomas Outside Ireland 14/06/09 There should be support given to both men and women to prevent suicide.
Annie Schueler Cork 14/06/09 n/a
Bryan Wall Cork 14/06/09 Urgently needed.
t downing Dublin 14/06/09 as above
David Walsh Kildare 14/06/09 The male-female ratio has been climbing since the mid 70s when it was less than 3:1, yet nothing has been done. Do men's lives not matter?
Robert Paul Cote Outside Ireland 14/06/09 I think it's about damn time we start to take care of the backbones of society. Men all around the world have given their lives, blood, sweat and money out of 'duty', generosity and in some cases forcibly for everybody else. This is as good a place as any to start and I back this 100%!!
John Dunne Outside Ireland 14/06/09 I support the setting up of this task force
Oliver Lynch Sligo 14/06/09 Best of luck and I hope this happens.
seth mcguinness Dublin 14/06/09 Good luck.
Deirdre Sligo 14/06/09 The numbers of men dying by suicide is staggering. For each death there's bound to be a number of others just hanging on in there. This initiative has my full support.
jacqui dreeling Kilkenny 14/06/09 Support this fully
Tom Kindlon Dublin 14/06/09 Given the large gender difference in the suicide rate, it seems likely there are gender-specific factors at play so a gender-specific approach seems justified.
Kevin Mayo 14/06/09 Our society is being gutted, both spiritually and morally, by political agendas, while no political body proposes a worthwhile vision. Men are dying through lack of hope.
Prentice Reid Antrim 14/06/09 The lives of men and boys are too precious to ignore this tragedy.
Bobby McLoughlin Tipperary 14/06/09 I fully support this initiative
Tomás Devine Dublin 14/06/09 Idle hands do the devils work men need to work !
Devon MacGillivray Leitrim 14/06/09 Compassion needs to be taught to and valued by all ages and both genders in order to provide the supports in communities needed to prevent suicide. I am hoping this initiative will prove to be a help in this way
Donal McCarthy Waterford 14/06/09 I hope you are successful in your endeavour.
Derek parkes Dublin 14/06/09 I fully support this petition
Francis Devenney Leitrim 14/06/09 This is especially importent for rural areas where isolation among older men is epidemic.
Serena Tesler Outside Ireland 14/06/09 Suicide is a sad thing, so if there is any way to prevent it, it must be done.
Darlene Monsour Outside Ireland 14/06/09 I sign this with the knowledge of just how important this Petition aims to have imposed...I have all too often had to post a series of Suicide Hotlines to cover almost every sector Globally as well have lost two Men whom I knew due to suicide... I hope you see this as important a factor as I do...
Yogi Nasser Outside Ireland 14/06/09 How many more will die before we act?
colin Mangan Dublin 14/06/09 See lots of people wanting to force a gender balance in elected representatives and jobs where men are the majority (not jobs where they aren't like teaching though) but I never see them worrying about the gender imbalance in suicide rates.
James Mayo 14/06/08 This country is a dump,it's not surprising that young men are committing suicide. Enda Kenny and his crowd of Muppets in FG are driving a whole generation of youth abroad. Therefore, those that are left behind, have lost their best friends, and with no positive outlook for work, only an increase in taxes,charges etc, which all have ripple effects on young men, who feel they have nothing worth living for. RIP all those young men, who have felt that suicide is the only way out of their living he
Darina M Kelly Tipperary 14/06/08 I sign the above petition
Stephen Clifford Dublin 14/06/08 I fully support this petition.
Paul Carr Outside Ireland 14/06/08 We need the government to address the reality that suicide in Ireland is a gendered phenomenon and the causes of that need to be explored as applied to Ireland.
Caroline L'Estrange Outside Ireland 14/06/08 This petition has be brought to my attention by one of my many friends who live in Ireland. I'm supporting the petition because I'm concerned about some of my friends who I know are struggling.
ian tyes Outside Ireland 14/06/08 not just Ireland....
Anna Marie Joyce Galway 14/06/08 Our young men need our help they need to talk but we alone can't do it we need our government to stand up and help So Dáil Éireann stand up and show you care
Robert Stoll Antrim 14/06/08 Keep Ireland's lads alive!
Lurleen Hilliard Galway 14/06/08 Irish Government Needs to Realize that their ignorance to Suicide and the abuse of men is encouraging more and more to end their lives. Wake Up Ireland and Help Your Men
Amit Kumar Outside Ireland 14/06/08 More help needed. http://www.thejournal.ie/suicide-rates-1070842-Sep2013/
Ken Francis Outside Ireland 14/06/08 Let’s solve societal problems regardless of gender!
Michael McVeigh Donegal 14/06/08 Increasing suicide rates among boys and men must be addressed at the root level - otherwise society shall continue to worsen for boys and men
Forty Twp Antrim 14/06/08 the cost to society of not doing something about the rate of suicide far outwears any cost associated with any action you may take
Mandy Trouten Outside Ireland 14/06/08 A person's need for help should not be defined by his/her gender. By focusing exclusively/primarily on members of either gender, members of the other gender are made to suffer, helpless to get the support they need and deserve. Please remedy this immediately.
Conor Nolan Dublin 14/06/08 #
Ronan Burke Galway 14/06/08 I fully support this petition
Eamonn Wallace Dublin 14/06/08 Scandalous that boys/men are just allowed die like this and nobody even notices or cares
John Gormley Dublin 14/06/08 Suicide is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with a culture and a society. With the rate of suicide of confirmed suicides being over 5-1 it is blindingly obvious Irish culture and society is toxic for men. I fully support this petition. John Gormley
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