Fear and Loathing in Detroit

As some of our readers may be aware, the first ever International Conference on Men's Issues is to be held in Detroit from June the 27th to the 28th, to talk about the difficulties facing men and boys around the world. Things like the widening disparity in suicide rates and lifespans between men and women, or why men seem to be falling behind educationally, or homelessness among men.

Some of the speakers include the founder of European womens shelters Erin Pizzey, Dr Warren Farrell, Barbara Kay, Paul Elam, Senator Anne Cools, and many more. Professionals and pundits, politicians and lawyers  from all walks of life. Gay and straight, black and white, men and women make up the program of speakers.

Now while one would imagine this to be a relatively placid affair, not something that would make the evening news, in fact the conference has faced an explosion of ideological rage, furious opposition, and some very sinister tactics bent on having it shut down.

Starting with a massive online campaign of hatred on such feminist websites as The Daily Kos and The Huffington Post, this meeting of pacifist free thinkers has become the focus of violent protests composed mostly of young gender studies students from nearby Wayne State University.

Threats of violence and murder were phoned in to the Hilton where the conference was to be held, prompting the hotel to demand an extra $25000 fee on top of the rest of the conference costs, to hire Detroit police officers and extra security.

Paul Elam had the following to say about the unfolding events.

As we have seen so many times before, gender ideologues who do not believe that any discussion of the issues faced by boys and men should take place unless it meets a feminist (anti-male) litmus test, have resorted to the tactic of threatening violence against innocent people in order to silence free speech.

I am just recently in receipt of a letter from the corporate management of Hilton Hotels. This letter leaves little to the imagination about the kind of individuals we are dealing with, and what their intent is in this matter. It is quite simply to make the conference event unsafe and cost prohibitive through threat and intimidation.

There are two things I need to make clear. One, I have no animosity toward Hilton management regarding this matter. In every interaction we have had with them thus far, they have been professional, courteous and accommodating.

Mens Rights Activists, both men and women, have been in receipt of numerous threats of violence and death since then, and feminists have escalated the threat level to go after the families of the people providing security for the conference, women and children.

This is not the first time that feminist academic ideologues have whipped up a fervour of completely misguided hatred among innocent young people, whose main failure was in accepting the instructions of their teachers without question. It also gives us a fair idea of what happens within ideologically focused gender and sociological studies courses in third level education.

No, this isn't the first time nor is it confined to any one particular country. For example, we can see here feminist protestors outside Dr Warren Farrell's lecture in Toronto last year.

At Dr Janice Fiamengo's talk at the University of Ottawa, where protestors sat inside the lecture theatre and shouted constantly, ultimately pulling fire alarms and forcing the building to be evacuated.

Here we see a young student singing "Cry Me a River" after being told about the high rate of male suicides.

And there is a great deal more where that came from, always young students, always the impressionable products of demagoguery masquerading as scholarship.

So parents reading this, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, those with the benefit of experience in the wider world, please investigate what exactly is being taught in Irish gender studies, womens studies, arts and sociological course modules, preferably before your sons and daughters apply for these courses in Irish universities. Talk about their education with them and try to discuss differing points of view.

Universities are meant to be places where critical thinking is taught, not indoctrination inflicted, places of free debate and new ideas.

As we are beginning to learn, these high principles are antithetical to modern feminism.

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