A Few Thoughts on Feminism as a Religion

by Lana Voreskova

I was whined at by some petulant feminist on another forum for comparing feminism with religion. She is a “skeptic” and a “rationalist” she told me. It is the first time I have come across a “rationalist” who also identifies as a believer in one of the most dogmatic creeds the human race has ever dreamed up. So I was thinking of the many ways in which feminism is very much like a religion.

Feminism is very much like a religion. It is based on faith not reason, and faith is generally defined as belief without reason.

Feminism believes in the concept of original sin. All males are born with the shameful stain of masculinity and must seek redemption by proving that they are “good men;” perpetually prostrating themselves before the altar of gynocentrism. Inherent guilt is something that feminism is obsessed with.

What religion would be complete without its places of worship? The feminist temples are the schools and universities where the young must go to be indoctrinated, and where those who refuse to comply or who blaspheme against the dogma are callously rooted out by the feminist inquisition.

The inquisition comes in different guises depending on the country. In the USA it is called the VAWA and it spawns witch-hunting initiatives like Title IX to guarantee itself a never ending supply of fresh fuel for the feminist stake. Like any religion, feminism revels in punishing heretics. The mobs of brainwashed followers who join in these witch-hunts revel in their own sense of righteousness, while proving to their superiors and to each other how wonderfully pure and “enlightened” they are.

Every religion also needs a devil, and feminism menaces its followers with one of the most evil and insidious satans of all. The patriarchy is an invisible but ever present evil that is constantly trying to tempt the pure of heart away from the salvation of the faith. The patriarchy is responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world, and feminism is to be thanked for all good things. The patriarchy is powerful and sends forth legions of evil minions who have apparently been waging a war against women since the dawn of time. When the righteous soldiers of the one true faith finally vanquish the patriarchy, the world will see the ushering in of a peaceful, prosperous feminist utopia. Many believe though, that it will also herald the dawn of a terrible judgement day, when the agents of the patriarchy will be required to atone for thousands of years of misogynistic sin.

Feminism regularly launches witch-hunts to demonise sceptics and frighten its own followers with an endless cast of imaginary goblins and devils. It shores up its own authority and silences critics using manufactured bogeymen like rape-culture and violence against women.

Feminism also spawns strange male cults like the “good men project.” These cults tend to be populated by self-flagellating sycophants who metaphorically whip themselves raw in order purify themselves of their vile masculinity, hoping that their penance will earn them a seat at the right hand of the Goddess when the feminist judgement day finally dawns. These men seek approval by trampling their own dignity and self-worth into the dust, but not even “good men” are guaranteed salvation. Even a “good man” must know his place in the service of gynocentrism. He must never be allowed to forget that women are the chosen people and theirs is the Promised Land.

Any male feminist or even a female one who questions any aspect of feminist doctrine is summarily denounced, excommunicated and cast into the wilderness. Even some of the most revered high-priestesses of the feminist church have been de-frocked for the crime of Apostasy.

Feminism has its own holy orders based in every country in the world. These orders might have differing agendas or specialties. Some rage against newspapers that are seen to “objectify” women. Some fight against prostitution and some “raise awareness” of misogyny in gaming culture. Notwithstanding slight differences of focus, all of these orders of the sisterhood have much in common. They all share an unshakable and largely unquestioned loyalty to the core doctrines of the feminist faith. They all share an overt contempt for objective scholarship, and they believe that mindless slogans and meaningless incantations are a good replacement for the oppressive patriarchal concepts of scientific research and critical peer review. To them science is the enemy of faith and therefore science is a tool of the patriarchy.

Feminism relies on its holy scriptures for guidance, and it has enormous mountains of these texts. They are uncannily similar to religious texts found in the Bible; badly written, deliberately vague, blatantly contradictory and often downright bizarre. They can be interpreted by feminist priestesses to mean whatever is expedient at the time; and also to condemn just about anything feminism disapproves of. Most of them were written by feminist priestesses and many of these priestesses have since been canonised by the feminist church. Feminism has a vast array of saints from 19th century suffragettes to modern “academics.”

Feminists also worship suffering and martyrdom, even when the suffering is exaggerated or simply fabricated. Victims are venerated in feminist culture, provided that is, that the crime committed against them can be blamed on the patriarchy. Victims are encouraged to wear their victimhood like a crown of thorns, and victimhood can easily win for a young woman, status as a minor celebrity among the faithful. The temptation to declare as a victim is therefore very appealing, even to those who have never been victims of anything. New “victims” emerge every day to take their place on the marble pedestals of martyrdom and enjoy their brief period of adoration by the legions of the feminist faithful.

Although feminism doesn’t have a weekly Sabbath, it does have its own holy days: International women’s day, breast cancer awareness day and a whole plethora of days, which are designed to celebrate the feminine and often to denigrate the masculine. These days are often marked by festivals or processions. The processions are often led by feminist preachers in strange costumes chanting slogans through a loud-hailer; the slogans being answered by the following congregation of the faithful with repeated incantations. The processions are often joined by “good men,” anxious to meekly demonstrate their own compliance. The ritualistic and repetitive nature of feminist chanting is a valuable tool in the arsenal of the church. The chanting creates a sense of solidarity and togetherness. It drowns out any kind of critical analysis and it allows the feminists to further brainwash themselves with their faith. It creates an atmosphere of almost ecstatic self-induced hypnosis and welds the faithful together in an exciting wave of self-righteous anger; despite the fact that most of them are never quite able to put a finger on what it is exactly that they’re angry about.

Feminism uses its own version of the religious madras to indoctrinate the young and teach them to drown out their own logical faculties through ritualised chanting. Gender studies departments remain among the few areas within modern university culture which are completely absolved from the usual scholarly requirement for objective analysis and peer review. Generations of young people are now emerging from these indoctrination centres so completely blinded by feminist mumbo jumbo that they are incapable of any kind of independent thought and deeply afraid of real life.

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