Here are some of the facts and figures that inform the Mens Human Rights Ireland group. Society at large views men as disposable and of less intrinsic value than women. This is reflected in many ways, as the information below indicates, through a lack of services and support for men and through open misandry and the demonisation of men.

In the largest collection of studies on intimate partner violence known, Martin Fiebert of the California State University, Longbeach offers the following:

SUMMARY:  This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses in dozens of countries, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.

Source: http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm

Amen.ie, the sole Irish charity dedicated to helping men and boys suffering from domestic abuse, reports similar findings.

On Tuesday 5th July 2005 the National Crime Council (NCC), in association with the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), published the first ever large scale study undertaken to give an overview of the nature, extent and impact of domestic abuse against women and men in intimate partner relationships in Ireland. Among the notable findings are:

According to the Government Departments (Health and Justice) who have responsibilities in this area, the NCC study is the definitive piece of research on domestic violence in this country.

Other Irish research on domestic violence
The results of the NCC study relating to gender prevalence broadly reflect the findings of the three other two-sex studies carried out in this country (for ACCORD; MRCS and the Department of Health).

These findings reflect the results of all independent two-sex studies carried out world-wide.

There is a mountain of evidence to suggest that domestic and intimate partner violence are more or less equally balanced between the genders, so why do we never hear about violent women? Why do domestic violence campaigns ignore the suffering of men?

Suicide is another very serious area where men are by far the majority of victims.

Marriage is an area where men are severely disadvantaged. 99 percent of Irish husbands lose their homes during divorces, in seven out of ten cases the judge orders a transfer of the property into the wife’s name. When an order is made to sell the home the wife receives more than half of the proceeds in 25 percent of the cases. During the other 75 percent the proceeds are split. Without fail, where maintenance is at issue, it is the husband who is ordered to pay. In most contested maintenance cases the husbands argued that they were being denied access to their children.

Ireland has the highest rate of false rape accusations in Europe, with a minimum of 9% of accusations being provably false.

Women are more likely to have a third-level qualification, with over half (53%) of women aged 25-34 having a third-level qualification compared with nearly four out of ten men (39%) in this age group. From the same report, Men are more likely to die young, most murder victims are male and the vast majority of the prison population is male.

The unemployment rate for men in 2011 was 17.5% and the unemployment rate for women was 10.4% in 2011. For the 20-24 age group, about a third of men and just over a fifth of women were unemployed in 2011. Ireland had 98 men per 100 women in the population in 2011, women are the majority.

Life expectancy for women in Ireland was 81.6 years in 2006, nearly 5 years more than the value for men of 76.8 years.

Homeless men in Ireland vastly outnumber homeless women. The results from the census show that 2,911 people were enumerated as part of this count, 2,044 of whom were male and 867 female. 90% of those sleeping rough were male.

There is no gender pay gap, after adjusting for the longer hours worked by men, women’s hourly earnings were around 94% of mens'.

No paternity fraud research has taken place in Ireland for some reason, but a related study from the UK revealed that rates of PF ranged from 13.0% to 53% in cases where paternity was disputed, and from 0.8% to 30% where PF was discovered, but not due to paternity having been disputed. The 30% figure is on the high side, but most research in this area reveals double digit percentages. Urgent research into this area in Ireland is required.

Again another area where research is needed is in both conviction and sentencing rates for women. The last study conducted in 1988 reveled that women were the benefactors of large discrepancies in sentences when compared to men for the same crimes. This is an advantage bestowed purely due to gender, and as such goes against the principles of justice. Similar discrepancies are recorded in most justice systems.

In the area of health Ireland has made some positive steps in terms of looking at mens' health issues, with the publication of the National Mens Health Policy 2008-2013, unfortunately this has a reputed annual budget of only €15000 per annum, a figure which is being investigated.

Here is a list of womens' groups in the National Women's Council of Ireland:

50/50 Group
The 50/50 Group is a single issue national advocacy group dedicated to bringing about equal representation of women and women in Irish politics.
Their vision is Gender parity in Irish politics by the year 2020.

Abortion Rights Campaign
The Abortion Rights Campaign is an alliance of pro-choice groups and individuals in Ireland and Northern Ireland who believe that women’s lives matter, and women’s health matters.

Access 2000
Addresses specific needs of women in the home, dependants of Social Welfare & low incomes and enables women to develop the skills necessary for them to feel worthwhile in the workforce and their communities.

ActionAid Ireland
ActionAid Ireland is the Irish Affiliate of ActionAid International and was set up by a group of Irish people 30 years ago. ActionAid Ireland supports Women's Rights and Education programmes in Malawi, Uganda and Kenya in Africa and in Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia in Asia.

African Women Development Initiative
AWDI is a development oriented, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, set up to serve as a support and network body for migrant African women in Ireland.

Provides drop-in/telephone legal information, counselling & mediation services in relation to marriage & relationship problems, as well as highlighting such issues.

AIMS Ireland
AIMS Ireland - Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services in Ireland - is a consumer-led voluntary organisation that was formed in early 2007 by mothers dissatisfied with the maternity care system in Ireland.

AkiDwA (Akina Dada Wa Africa)
The African & Migrant women's network in Ireland.

A Little Lifetime Foundation
Support group for parents who suffered stillbirths.

An Cosán
Develops programmes for women who lack economic & educational resources.
Kiltalown Village Centre, Fortunestown Rd, Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Aoibhneas Women’s Refuge
Refuge for women & children escaping violence in the home.

National association of organisations, groups and individuals involved in the promotion or advancement of adult education.

Association of Childcare Professionals
Professional body for childcare professionals aiming to advocate for childcare workers in the development of the profession.

Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland
Union for secondary school teachers.

Association of Teachers of Home Economics
Union of Teachers of Home Economics is a national organisation, which aims to provide a medium of expression for the collective opinions of members on matters affecting Home Economics and to promote Home Economics in education and society.

Ballybane Beg Women’s Group
Provides educational programmes & social activities for the needs of women in Ballybane area.

Ballymun Women’s Resource Centre Ltd
Empowers women to take control of their destiny.

National voluntary organisation supporting people affected by eating disorders, their families & friends.

BPW Ireland
Organisation for business & professional women working for high standards in business & professions.

Bray Women’s Refuge
 Provides Crisis accommodation, support and informatin to women and children fleeing Domestic Violence and Abuse.
Bray, Co Wicklow

Breffni Belles
Represents the needs of women of all ages, races and religions within the county.

Works to tackle health inequalities among ethnic minority communities by improving ethnic minority access to health services and ethnic minority participation in health planning and delivery.

Centre for Gender & Women’s Studies Trinity College Dublin
Activities include teaching, research, publications, public seminars & lectures.

Union for clerical and administrative grades in the Civil Service, wider Public Sector and the Private Sector.

Clare Women’s Network
 Seeks to ensure a safe society in which all women are valued, included and experience equality of opportunity at all levels of life-socially, politically and economically. Provides upport to women in County Clare through a variety of methods including the CWN website, social networking pages, one to one support for women and support to a variety of groups in the Clare area.

Clondalkin Women’s Network
Provides information & support to women's groups in the Clondalkin area.

Community Midwives Association
Association for Community Midwives in Ireland.

Community Workers’ Co-operative
The CWC seeks to support community work as a means of addressing poverty, social exclusion and inequality

COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge
Provides temporary safe accommodation for women and their children who experience emotional, physical or sexual violence within an intimate relationship.

Cork City Childcare Committee
Partnership which focuses on facilitating and integrating the provision of quality childcare services. Works with service providers, parents & children.

Cork Women’s Poetry Circle
Encourages women interested in writing, performing & publishing poetry in Cork.

County Carlow Women’s Network
Supports women throughout County Carlow with information, training, social supports and provides forum to discuss issues important to them.

Derry Women’s Centre
Feminist community based education centre that offers a wide range of courses for women

Dóchas for Women
Developing people towards wholeness

Doctors for Choice
 Doctors for Choice is an organisation that represents doctors in Ireland, who support a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health outcomes.

Domestic Violence Advocacy Service
A front line domestic violence service

Donegal Traveller Women’s Project
Community organisation dealing with Traveller women issues
Above McGinleys Garage, Pearse Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Donegal Women’s Network
Bring about change & raise awareness on economic, social & cultural issues affecting women in area

Doras Buí
Community resource centre for families headed by one parent in Northside Partnership area

Dublin Adult Learning Centre
Centre used by both men & women who wish to improve their literacy skills

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
Counselling & therapy service, providing support to victims of rape & child sexual abuse

Dublin University Gender Equality Society
Dulin University Equality Society (D.U.G.E.S.) is a student society at Trinity College. We campaign on issues effecting women, primarily.

Dublin University Women Graduates Association
Affords members an opportunity to keep in touch with university & each other

Dublin Wellwoman Centre
Women's health centre

Duhallow Women’s Forum
Highlights issues relating to women, organising training programmes, seminars, etc

Early Childhood Ireland
Promote, improve & advance early childhood education

Electricity Supply Board Officers Association
Union activities

Europa Donna Ireland
Breast cancer advocacy organisation

Excelling Women’s Network
Excelling Women's Network emerged to respond to the ever increasing needs and issues around migrant women that lives in Ireland. Striving to build an inclusive society
that is geared towards bringing the gaps of gender and societal inequalities as well as giving migrant women a voice.

Fine Gael Women’s Group
Promote women to join the party

Fingal Centre
Helping the unemployed & their dependents in Finglas area

Foyle Women’s Aid
Foyle Women's Aid works with women and children who have suffered, are at risk of suffering or are exposed to mental, physical or sexual abuse by providing residential accommodtion and the relief of distress and suffering.

Galway Traveller Movement Ltd
Community development groups comprising settled people & travellers

Girls Friendly Society
To unite in fellowship of prayer & service, girls & women throughout the world

Global Women’s Studies Programme
The Global Women's Studies Programme builds on a long-established tradition of Women's Studies at NUIG.

Green Party Women’s Group
Developing a women's equality policy for the party

Headford Women’s Group
Offers a weekly social meeting venue for women of all ages and backgrounds

Family centred resource to families living in the north east inner-city Dublin area. Providing variety of services aimed to support families & community participation & development. Services include parent/carer & child playgroups and parent forum & women's groups and counselling.

Immigrant Council of Ireland
An independent NGO which seeks to address some of the emerging needs of immigrants in Ireland

Union activities

INAR - Irish Network Against Racism
 INAR is a network of anti racist groups in the community and nongovernmental sector in Ireland

Inchicore Family Resource Centre
Women's community development project working to address multi-dimensional issues

Inishowen Women’s Information Network
Offers support to women's groups from Inishowen

Institute of Community Health Nursing
Established in 1985 as a professional group for nurses working in public health nursing service

International Women for Change (IWC)
IWC is a joint initiative between Irish and immigrant women living in Dublin.

Irish Cancer Society
National project of the Irish Cancer Society & the leading provider of breast cancer information & support.

Irish Countrywomen’s Association
Provides a wide range of social & recreational activities, education & training

Irish Deaf Women’s Group
Gives deaf women the opportunity to explore & make decisions about issues which concern them
Irish Deaf Women's Group

Irish Family Planning Association
The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) is Ireland's leading sexual health charity. Since 1969 the IFPA has been at the forefront of sexual and reproductive healthcare. Today we offer a comprehensive range of services which promote sexual health and support reproductive choice on a not-for-profit basis.

Irish Farmers Association
Farming issues affecting women
Farm Family Committee, Irish Farm Ctr, Bluebell, Dublin 12

Irish Federation of University Teachers
Trade union & professional association

Irish Federation of University Women
Past university students

Irish Feminist Network
Raises awareness about feminist issues in Ireland

Irish Girl Guides
Enables girls from all backgrounds to gow in self-confidence & develop skills

Irish National Teachers Organisation
Union activities

Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation
Union activities

Irish Women Lawyers Association
The Irish Women Lawyers Association (IWLA) aims to provide a professional and social network for women lawyers. The IWLA's three different categories of membership comprise judges, barristers, solicitors, academic lawyers, trainee lawyers in both the barrister and solicitor professions, law students and those interested in the work of the Association.

Justice for Magdalene’s
Justice for Magdalenes seeks to promote and represent the interests of the Magdalene Women, to respectfully promote equality and seek justice for the women formerly incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries and to seek the establishment and improvements of support as well as advisory and re-integration services provided for survivors.

Kerry Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre
Counselling service for survivors of sexual violence

Kilbarrack Community Development Project
Involved in anti-poverty work, women's health work

Kilkenny Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre
Provides counselling & therapy service for those who have been sexually abused or raped

Labour Women
Promote women in Labour Party

Leitrim Development Company
Women's Development Section) (Responsible for directing work/actions with women/groups within the Partnership's Strategic Plan

Letterkenny Women’s Centre Ltd
Provides a resource centre for women run by women

Lifestart National Office
Educational & development support programme for parents of children aged birth to five years

Limerick Family Planning Clinic
Family planning & medical issues

Limerick Women’s Network
Network of women's gtroups representing women on low income or experiencing social exclusion

Lesbian/bisexual resource centre

Longford Women’s Link
Provides a holistic integrated approach to identified problems of women in Longford.

Mandate is the third largest trade union in the Republic of Ireland with a growing and increasingly active membership base across the Irish retail and bar trade.

Marie Keating Foundation
The Marie Keating Foundation proivides information, education and awareness on all of the key cancers. We provide a nationwide community service with 3 mobile units travelling around the country. Our nurses also provide workplace talks. The service is free and confidential.

Working for equal marriage rights for lesbian and gay couples in Ireland

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre
A rape crisis centre

Methodist Women in Ireland
MWI links together all the women's groups within the Methodist Church in Ireland as well as supporting individuals where groups do not exist.

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland – Domestic Workers Action Group
 National rights focused organisation working with migrant workers & families

Mothers’ Union
Advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriageand family life

Moving on Programme
Women's Network who provide training courses for young mothers

National Association of Widows in Ireland
Helps widows to readjust to new role in society

National Collective of Community based Women’s Networks Ltd
National women's organisation who provides information and analysis on policy issues

National Traveller Women’s Forum
The National Traveller Women's Forum is the nationaThe National Traveller Women's Forum (NTWF) is the national network of Traveller women and Traveller women's organisations from throughout Ireland.
The NTWF recognises the particular oppression of Traveller women in Irish society and are working to address this issue through the provision of opportunities to Traveller women to meet, share experiences, ideas and develop collective strategies and skills to work towards the enhancement of their position in society.l network of traveller women and traveller womens organisations from throughout Ireland.

Network Ireland
A progressive, dynamic organistion for women in business

Network Kildare
Umbrella support organisation for locally based voluntary education groups

North & East Kerry Development Company Equality for Women measure Group
We provide women in Kerry, Castleisland and Listowel with education and training opportunities

North Leitrim Women’s Centre
Provision of educational & employment opportunities for women in area

Nurture Post Natal Depression Support Services Limited
Nurture was established in January 2011 in Dublin. We offer support services to mothers, dads, partners and families battling with Post Natal Depression and other related illnesses. Nurture is a unique charity as there is no other charity working in this area in Ireland today. We offer: Affordable Counselling, Support Groups, Life Motivational Skills Courses, Education and Training.

One Family
 One Family is a leading national organisation for one-parent families in Ireland. Progressing the work of Cherish, we work with all types and all members of one-parent families, respecting the realities of family life in Ireland, to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland.

National network of lone parents groups in the Republic

OSS Cork
Domestic violence information resource centre

Pavee Point
Action & development group for Travellers

Positive Action
Represents victims of Hepatitis C received through contaminated blood or blood products

Rape Crisis Network Ireland
 National Network of rape crisis centres in Ireland.

Rehab Women’s Group
Provides training, employment, health & social care services to people with disabilities & others who are marginalised

Retrieve Foundation
a cross border group running programmes on Women Healing Women, etc

Roscommon Women’s Network
Relief of poverty & unemployment among women in general area

Adult education group providing an educational & social outlet for women

Ruhama Women’s Project
 Offers a range of services to women in prositution including outreach on the streets
Senior House, All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Running Amach
Social Networking club for LGBTQ women in Ireland. We organise social events/workshops for members.

Safe Ireland
Representative body of refuges & support services for women survivors of domestic violence

Saol Project
 A training and education programme for women in recovery

School of Social Justice
To incease knowledge of the historical and contemporary roles and experiences of women in all cultures.

Sexual Violence Centre Cork
Provides counselling to rape victims

 Irish Postgraduate Gender & Women's Studies Network
Sibéal invites postgraduate students across Ireland and across disciplines to network and share ideas, giving a platform to those dedicated to feminist scholarship.

Sinn Féin Gender Equality Department
Internal party forum advising on policy & networking with activitists

SIPTU National Women’s Committee

Slainte Pobal
Works for change by promoting a more holistic approach to health & living

Sonas Housing Association
Provising transitional housing to women & children who are homeles due to violence

Soroptimist International
A women's service organisation

Southill Domestic Abuse Project
Community based project supporting victims & survivors of demestic abuse

Southside Women’s Action Network
Network of women's groups aimed at highlighting issues affecting women

Southwest Kerry Women’s Association
Network of women's groups in Southwest Kerry region

Start Strong
Putting children at the centre of early care and education

Step Forward Group
Create a greater awareness of the existence & needs of those with disabilities in Co Limerick

Survive and Thrive
Breast Cancer Support and advocacy group particularly for women under 50 yrs

Symantec Ltd
SWAN is a forum for personal and professional networking of women at Symantec ans is open to all employees who want to support and encourage women in their career aspirations, and further Symantec's reputation as a great place to work for women.

Teachers Union of Ireland

Teach Tearmainn Women’s Refuge Project
Aim to support women & children who are experiencing abuse in their relationships

Tearmann Domestic Violence Service
A telephone/drop-in information support, outreach, advocacy & court accompaniment service

The National Childminding Association of Ireland
Promote high standards in family based day care for children

Tipperary Women’s Network
Creates awareness at local & national level of women's issues

Tralee Women’s Resource Centre
Seeks to network with women & promote a positive image of women

UCC Women’s Studies
Staff & students involved in women's studies in UCC

UCD Women Graduates Assoc
Women graduates of UCD

UNIFEM Women’s Committee
UN Development fund for women

Unite: The Women’s Committee
 The Women's Committee is an all island committee of Unite trade union working to promote women's equality in the workplace and in society. Key campaigns have included Unite Charter for Women, Equal Pay, Women's Health , Violence against Women, Trafficking.

Waterford Women’s Centre
Providing needs based drop-in information & training programmes with supports

West Clare Family Resource Centre
West Clare Family Resource Centre is a community based organisation which works in the west Clare area. We work with families and communities on issues of participation in education, employment and decision-making bodies.

West Clare Women’s Forum
Looks at role of women in power & leadership & assist & support women to take a more active role in decision making

Women4Women grew out of a series of women's workshops faciliated by Southside Partnership, DLR in early 2011. We are a non-profit educational and networking group for women with different life experiences and from different cultures.

Women for Election
 Women for Election is a non-partisan organisation whose vision is of an Ireland with balanced participation of women and men in political life. Our mission is to inspire and equip women to succeed in politics. Women for Election offers a tailored training and support programme to women seeking to enter public life; and provides and facilitates a cross-party network of political women, committed to equal representation of women and men in Irish politics. We are driven by our belief that enriching the diversity of voices in our politics will lead to more robust decisions, and help create a fairer, more inclusive and dynamic society, better equipped to tackle future challenges.

Women in Media & Entertainment
 Celebrate & promote women's culture through freedom of information, speech & expression

Women in Technology & Science
Provides support & information newtork for women working in science & technology

Women of the North East Galway

Women of the North West
Community organisation which is a support infrastructure for development of women

Women on Air

Women on Air is an informal seminar series and networking group that gives women the skills and confidence to go on radio and TV. Our seminars feature many of the biggest names in broadcasting from presenters such as Miriam O'Callaghan, Mary Wilson and Orla Barry to producers such as Marian Richardson, Alice O'Sullivan and Brendan Howard. Networking after the events gives female area experts the chance to mingle informally with producers and researchers who may be looking for new voices for their programmes. We are planning our first annual Women in Media conference in late 2013.
Women on Air strongly believes that a greater diversity of voices and opinions on the airwaves will lead to a healthier democracy and show girls and women that they are also entitled to have a public voice in Irish society.

Women’s Aid
Women's Aid has been working in Ireland to stop domestic violence against women and children since 1974.
We do this by:
- Making women and children safer
- Supporting women
- Working for justice and social change
- Providing hope
In this time, the organisation has built up a huge body of experience and expertise on the issue, enabling us to best support women and share this knowledge with other agencies responding to women experiencing domestic violence.
Our Direct Services to women underpin and inform all of our work to stop domestic violence.

Women’s Aid Dundalk
Seeks to work towards the elimination of violence against women & their children in their homes

Women’s Community Projects (Mullingar) Assoc
Facilitates the empowerment of women through education, training & enterprise

Women’s Health Project
Support the needs of women involved in prostitution with health service

Women’s Integrated Network (WIN)
Information/drop-in-centre. Forum where all women in Athy & environs will work together and in unison with other relevant networks to achieve identified and agreed goals for the common good

Women’s Resource & Development Agency
A membership based organisation comprising women's groups, centres, networks & projects

Women’s Support Network
The Women's Support Network (WSN), established in 1989, is a regional organisation that works across all areas of Northern Ireland. It includes in its membership community based women’s centres, groups and organisations, with a concentration in disadvantaged areas.

Women’s Therapy Centre Ireland
The Women's Therapy Centre is an agency set up to provide professional services that respond to the particular needs and experiences of women clients. Our core service is the provision of accessible and affordable psychotherapy for women.

Women Together Tallaght Network
Links new & existing women's groups in Tallaght area

Women with Disabilities in the West
Group of women that came together to support one another and advocate on behalf of women with disabilities to network with agencies

Young Women’s Christian Association of Ireland
As a Christian Association their purpose is to share their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ with women and all young people and to serve the whole community by encouraging spiritual physical and social development.

Now while not all of these groups are specifically for women, the overwhelming majority of them are. There is plainly a need for a much stronger network of mens groups and organisations to help to address the issues faced by men in Irish society.

The demonisation of men - astonishingly - even extends to the deliberate misrepresentation, falsification and obscuring of facts and statistics by feminist researchers. The methods by which this is achieved are exposed by an academic who actually identifies as a feminist but could no longer accept the dishonesty he was witnessing, Professor Murray A Straus in a Commentary on Gramham-Kevan's "Domestic Violence: Research and Implications for Batterer Programmes in Europe". This is particularly relevant given the recent spurious "one in four" claims that feminists in Ireland are putting about.


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